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A Recent Interview with Me

I was recently interviewed by Mathieu Frerejouan for the annually published Alius Bulletin. ALIUS is an international and interdisciplinary research group dedicated to the investigation of all aspects of consciousness, with a specific focus on nonordinary or understudied conscious states traditionally … Continue reading

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A light that never goes out? Washington v. Trump

After having examined a ruling from the Pakistan Supreme Court a few weeks ago, this week I chanced to read the ruling from the State of Washington v. Trump case. In this, the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals denied the attempt to … Continue reading

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50-to-life: Why the phenomenology of ‘hearing voices’ matters

The experience of “hearing voices” has been reported for millennia, including by people such as Socrates, Joan of Arc, and the Beach Boy’s Brian Wilson. It can be experienced in the context of a diagnosed psychiatric disorder (e.g., schizophrenia, borderline … Continue reading

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Podcast review #1: Sam Harris & Jordan Peterson in conversation

For regular readers, a quick word of warning. If you were hoping for a blog on my usual topics of voice-hearing or trauma, you should know this has nothing to do with either. My blog may be evolving to include … Continue reading

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