How to get YouTube videos to start and stop at a specific time

I was trying to insert a Youtube video into one of my blogs recently.

I didn’t want the whole video to play when someone clicked on it, but just a small portion that was relevant to the point I wanted to make.

There are on-line videos that tell you how to do this, but these didn’t work for me.

Here’s what worked for me.


  1. Go to your video on You-tube and click on the ‘share’ button (as shown below)


2. Click on the Embed option and copy the link that appears (in blue below)


3. Switch from the ‘visual’ view on WordPress to the ‘text’ view

4. Paste in the code from YouTube in the appropriate place, which may look something like this in the ‘text’ view:

5. Lets say you want the clip to start 72 seconds in, and to end 88 seconds in. To do this, add in the following text fragment     ?start=72&end=88      at the end of the YouTube video name (in this case its name is qkj5fAOyufQ). In this example, the revised text will now look as follows:



Now, when you switch back from the ‘Text’ view into the ‘Visual’ view in WordPress, you should see your video, and when you click on it, it should play for the time you wanted.

Here it would look like this:

Anyway, I hope this is some use and that this helps your blog posts!


2 thoughts on “How to get YouTube videos to start and stop at a specific time

  1. This is actually a great tip! I’ve often wondered how to do this, this is perfect for embedding videos to your blog you only want to them to see a specific part of the video.

    I will definitely be implementing this method.

    Thanks, Connor.

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