15 best reality singing show performances (The Voice, Idol, X-Factor, Got Talent)

Yes, I know, I should be working on a review of Steven Pinker’s 500+ page epic Enlightenment Now.

And I am. Really.

However, I got a bit distracted. Significantly distracted, in fact.

So much so that instead I present to you a countdown of my favourite 15 reality singing show performances.

Sorry, I’m genuinely not sure how this happened…


#15. Anna McLuckie – Get Lucky (The Voice UK, 2014)

Just kinda beautiful.


#14. Mateusz Ziółko – When a Man Loves a Woman (Voice of Poland, 2013)

Lighters in the air (yes, showing my age) for this Paul Young-esque singer.


#13. Sawyer Fredericks – Man of Constant Sorrow (The Voice USA, 2015)



#12. Bria Kelly – Steamroller Blues (The Voice USA, 2014)

A steamroller voice for the steamroller blues.


#11. Mo Adeniran – Iron Sky (The Voice UK, 2017)

Paint us with salvation…


#10. Alisan Porter – Blue Bayou (The Voice, US, 2016).

Magnificent control (but, Levine, what are you doing?)


#9. Chloe Castro – Alive (The Voice UK, 2016).

Come on now, seriously, who tries to sing a song by Sia? This was a total surprise after her laid back first audition. Yes, its a bit rough, but its raw and rocking and I love it.


#8. Adam Lambert – Tracks of My Tears (American Idol, 2011)

Nearly every week, Lambert put on a ridiculously original performance. He was so much better than anyone else it was frankly embarrassing. It is hard to pick his best (a Rolling Stone reader’s poll of the best 10 American Idol performances included 6, yes, 6,  by Lambert) and this one is right up there.


#7. Jordan Smith vs. Regina Love – Like I Can (The Voice USA, 2015)

Daaaaaamn. I still think Regina took this one.

 As we come round the bend into the final straight, rock will take a back seat. This is because I now demand tears!


#6. Jimmy Rose – Coal Keeps The Lights On (America’s Got Talent, 2013).

Think coal can’t bring a tear to your eye? Are you sure…


#5. Kathleen Jenkins – Wild Horses (Britain’s Got Talent, 2016)

The father’s crying, I’m tearing up, it’s a mess.


#4. Dorota Osińska – Calling You (Voice of Poland, 2013)

Utterly haunting.


#3. James Arthur – Young (X-Factor, 2012)

Compelling stuff. They know not what they do.


#2. Ella Henderson – Believe (X-Factor, 2012)

I’m with Gary here, who thought this song was going to go well? Indeed, it starts a little slow, but by 2mins34s, and the “and I don’t need you anymore” we completely believe what she is singing. Ella OWNS this.


#1. Calum Scott – Dancing on my Own (Britain’s Got Talent, 2015)

This beta-male anthem just destroys me every time. Every. Time.

So, that’s that. Do let me know in the comments just how much you disagree with me, and who I’ve missed.

Tune back in next week for my top 15 variety talent show moments review of Enlightenment Now.





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