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Taking back the brain: Trialling neurofeedback for voice-hearing

Hearing voices (also referred to as ‘auditory verbal hallucinations’) need not be associated with problems. However, for a number of people, they are. Problems are particularly likely to arise if the voices are frequent, say negative things, and if the … Continue reading

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A Recent Interview with Me

I was recently interviewed by Mathieu Frerejouan for the annually published Alius Bulletin. ALIUS is an international and interdisciplinary research group dedicated to the investigation of all aspects of consciousness, with a specific focus on nonordinary or understudied conscious states traditionally … Continue reading

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50-to-life: Why the phenomenology of ‘hearing voices’ matters

The experience of “hearing voices” has been reported for millennia, including by people such as Socrates, Joan of Arc, and the Beach Boy’s Brian Wilson. It can be experienced in the context of a diagnosed psychiatric disorder (e.g., schizophrenia, borderline … Continue reading

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Silence of the Ancients

I’d found a Narnian door for adults… It led from a ordered, public gallery in the British Museum to a sprawling and private unseen back-world of crates, dust and straw. Here, history peeped out one corner at a time and raging … Continue reading

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Hallucinations and a brain wrinkle?

A recent study I was involved in, led by my colleagues at Cambridge University, found a relation between the length of a specific groove in the frontal lobe of the brain (formally termed the paracingulate sulcus, although dubbed a ‘brain wrinkle’ by the … Continue reading

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