In Which We Float

I've just taken my first step into a brave new world, namely writing fiction. Here's my first effort, a short story entitled In Which We Float. It was published in the November issue of Crossways Literary Magazine. Thus begins the process suggested by Samuel Beckett: "Try again. Fail again. Fail better." SMJ


Stimulating voices

A new blog from me entitled: "Brain stimulation can boost creativity – but could it also help you hear inspirational voices?” It ranges from neurostimulation and voice-hearing to Terence McKenna and Tulpamancy, Hilary Mantel and the Air Force. I hope you find it stimulating. SMJ

A light that never goes out? Washington v. Trump

After having examined a ruling from the Pakistan Supreme Court a few weeks ago, this week I chanced to read the ruling from the State of Washington v. Trump case. In this, the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals denied the attempt to reinstate President Trump's immigration ban. You can read the full ruling here. I'm not going … Continue reading A light that never goes out? Washington v. Trump

Wise words from the West Wing

I was re-watching the second season of the TV series The West Wing today. One of the episodes (#10, Noël) included a scene which, although speaking to a range of experiences, seemed particularly applicable to voice-hearing. One of the characters, Josh, is struggling with some experiences resulting from having been shot, and has just come … Continue reading Wise words from the West Wing